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A Money Market Account combines the advantages of high interest rate while still allowing access to funds. You may transfer funds from a money market account to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, telephone or computer transfer or by check, draft or similar order to third parties; however, these transactions are limited to six transactions per statement cycle. A Money Market Account has a higher minimum balance requirement but it allows you to earn a higher interest rate and gives you access to your funds. These accounts are fully insured by the FDIC and the Depositors Insurance Fund.

Triple Tier Money Market

Our Triple Tier Money Market Account is designed to pay higher rates than the average Money Market account based on your maintained minimum balance. Three interest rate tiers are offered - so the more you deposit, the higher interest rate you earn.

Jumbo Money Market

Our Jumbo Money Market Account offers customers an optimum rate of interest providing the required minimum balances are maintained.

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